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Who Did That To You by John Legend [Django Unchained Soundtrack]

Man I loved this movie… Django! Gotta be one of the best films he’s done to date.. What an ending!!

Auf Wiedersehen!!

Anyone with a bit of extra time on their hands may be interested in finding the best movies to fight boredom during their free time. It is important to think about the types of movies that you typically enjoy, this would help you to find the best movies for your tasted. However, a movie such as Shawshank Redemption is widely considered to be one that you have to watch. Shawshank Redemption is about a guy that is convicted of killing his wife, despite the fact that he claims to be innocent. He learns to survive inside by applying the skills from his old life. Eventually, he begins to make friends with others that are also sentences to long term bids. Eventually, he uses those connections in order to start planning on getting out and making steps toward the possibility of that happening sooner rather than later. If this is a movie that you have not yet seen, it is likely one of the best movies that have escaped your viewing pleasure. Another one of the movies that you should take the time to watch would be Flight, this is a recent movie that many people consider to be groundbreaking.

Flight is a movie about a pilot living the high life.

When he is not on board, he is known for partying and using drugs in addition to sleeping around. Eventually, this lifestyle begins to lead to an addiction that becomes very difficult to get rid of. As the addiction progresses, he allows it to impact his work. During the course of a flight, things begin to go wrong and he is put in a position of having to used his talents in order to land the plane as safely as possible. While there are injuries and fatalities, it was his ability to navigate and handle pressure that saves almost every person on board that day. However, he is then investigated because of the fact that a couple of alcohol bottles were found in the garbage. After an investigation into his lifestyle, the on board events and those surrounding the crash, he is facing the possibility of going to jail. In the end, he is presented with a moral battle between telling the truth and avoiding spending time in prison. If you have missed this great movie, this is one that you should catch. However, there are many of the best movies that you have yet to see.


My Top 25 Favorite Movies Part 1 

These aren’t the movies I think are the best, just my personal favorites. 

ptryy good… i love a few of them!

thats a bit harsh.. why not??

thats a bit harsh.. why not??

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Everything she does is beautiful..
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